Pitch Practice Feb 12 2016

We are pitching, learning, and networking with #startup #entrepreneurs @atltechvillage

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Small but solid crowd at Pitch Practice yesterday. Just like any group meeting, sometimes the best stuff comes from a really small group because everyone gets to participate.

  • TenRocket – web/mobile apps in 10 days for $10k. Launching a startup is hard and the money is uncertain. They’ve built 25 apps in 18 months. Make your idea real.
  • GiiG – Hiring sucks! It’s time-consuming and expensive. GiiG will screen, recruit candidates with online interviewing through web or mobile, and don’t charge for each hire. Giig is focused on customer facing hires. GiiG helps you find your best talent.
  • MostPop – small biz brand recognition is hard. MostPop is like Flipboard for small businesses, providing a targeted, dedicated user base matched to items they like or search for. MostPop is seeking experienced advisors.
  • CollabMix – Content creators have tons of tools for video, graphic design, podcasting, but independent musicians currently collaborate with email and dropbox, and that sucks. CollabMix is a one stop site for musicians to bring their tracks together.
  • Hubbble – entrepreneurs struggle to get an idea off the ground – customer discovery, investors, advice, etc. – so they built a platform for entrepreneurs to go from idea to product in a way that doesn’t suck. Hubbbl is Github for startup ideas.

As always, we learned a lot and discussed a lot of startup stuff. Thank you to Atlanta Tech Village and TenRocket for sponsoring, and thanks to everyone for attending, pitching, learning, and networking. See you next week, and follow Pitch Practice on Instagram @pitchpractice.

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