Nice crowd of entrepreneurs on this beautiful cold February Friday. Thanks to everyone who attended and participated! More than half of the attendees were brand new to Pitch Practice. Here’s who pitched.

  • ScribbleLive – Marketers need to change how they approach consumers. ScribbleLive is cloud marketing software to create and distribute engaging content.
  • Parkent Cycles – Monetize your small business’ bike rack with a secure, smartphone operated bike rack.
  • One World Solutions – 24-hour software development team at low price points for startups and small businesses.
  • Chris Gamble – what to do with your mom on her birthday…what’s going on in the city? There’s no great way to find out what’s going on, search by price, geography, or event type. Chris wants to create an app for “Every event…one location.” Customers would be event hosts or locations. Looking for a co-founder to create this app.
  • Elevate Benefits – Employee benefits…no easy way for employers to find benefits that are best for their organization. 74% of employers use a broker that they are referred to. Brett has been in the insurance¬†industry for 30 years, and has solved this issue by documenting the 50,000 benefits firms in the US today.
  • Yothumb – Have you been asked to review some form of written content? There are lots of great tools to use to collaborate on documents. But what about LIVE content, LIVE presentations, speeches? How do you get real audience feedback on that? Yothumb is building a tool that records a presentation and enables the¬†audience to comment / like / dislike different parts of the presentation within the recording of that presentation. Looking for folks who watch, hear, and review LIVE presentations.
  • Erica More – Erica is a branding consultant to startups to help with brand development and implementation.

We’ll be back again next week at 1PM right after StartupChowdown at Atlanta Tech Village. Please follow @Pitch_Practice on Twitter and / or @PitchPractice on Instagram.


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