Huge crowd of folks all new to Pitch Practice today. Thank you to everyone who showed up today and thanks again to Atlanta Tech Village for always being such a gracious and generous host. We wouldn’t be nearly 3 years strong without ATV!

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Here’s who pitched today.

  • Consolidebt – There is $3.4 TRILLION in consumer debt in the US today. Why not use your spare change to pay down your debt? Consolidebt is targeting consumers who are in debt and who want to pay off that debt. They are looking for developers to build the prototype and banking expertise to help with the intricacies of bank integration. Consolidebt takes 1% of every debt payment.
  • KDS Designer – Getting married? You have to choose a venue, but that means visiting every venue and trying to imagine your wedding there. KDS Designer creates a virtual walk through for you to see every venue in 3D. They charge venues to list their spaces and wedding planners for different locales then give the app away for brides, but charge a small fee for each venue planned by the bride.
  • Music Pros LIVE – If you’re an emerging musical artist, it’s very tough to get to meet the movers and shakers in the industry. Music Pros LIVE is an online platform for emerging artists to book LIVE meetings with industry professionals in the music industry. Create a profile, search for pro, book a meeting. They charge by the length of the meeting.
  • SOCAH Group – Your skin is the first thing people see, so it should be reflective of your brand. SOCAH is a concierge dermatology practice offering personalized dermatology care at home, office, and virtually. Raising $120k for branding/marketing.
  • Skypitch Football Club – Underprivileged youth can’t afford to play competitive soccer, so they’re creating a youth academy, funded by adult paid soccer leagues. Raising $35k to launch.
  • Mark Lummus – fractional CTO – getting from idea to software is really hard. Mark works with startup founders & small business owners who are non tech owners to build their dreams.
  • Rekindness – Women subscribe to fashion & clothing subscription boxes, then find they don’t really need like them. They use social media to swap them. Rekindness gives a freemium platform for people to swap or resell their subscription boxes.
  • Deborah Guy – tech writer, editor, Masters in Tech, biology.She gets technology and understands how to write about it so others can understand it. Looking for gigs writing tech content to help tech startups do their words right.
  • Blade – The cost of software is high. Blade creates tools to automate the code writing process and they provide software writing for mobile consumer apps.
  • PaySolar – There are 600M households in Africa that  have no electricity. Sam founded PaySolar to provide electricity (in the form of a solar panel) for $1/day, then in 1 year they own the electricity system. PaySolar finances the product and turns it over to the households after 1 year. Their goal is to power 1M households in Africa.
  • We Work to Travel – Engaging working professionals to help them choose and find their next travel destination. They provide everything you need to make a decision on one page. Users rate & comment on destinations, so you can search up your next destination based on your own criteria.

Lessons that came up today:

  • When you’re just starting to create your pitch, write it down, then rewrite it.
  • We call it “Pitch Practice” for a reason: everyone needs to practice. Saying the words out loud makes them real, and you never know what you’re going to sound like when you say your pitch. Don’t make the mistake of saying it for the very first time to your most important prospect.
  • Tell a story. We connect with stories far better than with data. Everyone has a story behind where they are today and how they got there. Tell that story.

Thank you again to everyone who came and participated. Please help us launch the Pitch Practice Podcast by going to and entering your email address.


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