I was leading the Digital Marketing Bootcamp yesterday at General Assembly, so Chris Turner from TenRocket (our loyal sponsor) took the helm of Pitch Practice. Chris also took great notes! As usual, some very interesting pitches.

Name: Kishan
Company: Q-Mic
Problem: QA events are inefficient because it takes to long to pass the mic
Solution: App that uses mic on phone, meaning you don’t have to pass the mic
Customer: Conference organizers
Ask: Advice on how to launch

Name: Mark
Company: Mark Henry Social
Problem: Owners don’t have time for social media
Solution: Outsource your social media so you can run your business
Customer: Business owners
Ask: See after meeting

Name: John Witten
Company: Projects of things
Problem: People need help with IOT projects
Solution: Execute IOT projects
Customer: Industrial project managers
Ask: Looking for customers and needs

Name: Ashley Cleveland
Company: BrandUp
Problem: 90% of customers don’t trust traditional advertisers. They trust referrals
Solution: Connects brands with influencers
Customer: Businesses
Ask: Seed funding and investors

See you back next Friday, Feb 26, for another great session of Pitch Practice. Thanks again to Atlanta Tech Village and TenRocket for your support and sponsorship.

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