Pitch Practice Friday Jan 9 2015

Wonderful start to the new year with a great session of Pitch Practice.  Remember, your 30 second pitch always has the following elements, in whatever order suits you best:

  • Your name (say it clearly and boldly)
  • Your company name (if you have one)
  • The problem you’re solving (the most important point!)
  • Your solution (e.g., “we are uber for unicorn saddles”)
  • Who pays you money? (we call these “customers“)
  • What do you need? (the “ask”)

We also reviewed two very important points to remember as you share your pitch in front of any audience:

  • Anyone can steal your idea; nobody can steal your execution of your idea
  • Focus on the problem; make it personal to your audience

Here’s who pitched today:

  • Simeon Woods – stadeleague – linkedin for professional soccer players; there are over 265M registered professional soccer players with FIFA today, and 375,000 soccer clubs, and no marketplace for players, agents, and clubs to find one another.
  • Sean Gerling – Matlen Silver – New branch in ATL of NJ based company, helps you find the right tech talent for a growing market with a deep pipeline of talent for HR, VP. Looking for connections.
  • John Creasy – Knox Hacklabs – The solve physical & electronic problems in the cycling and triathlon community, and are looking for connections in plastics, metals, textile industries.

Join us every Friday at 1pm following #StartupChowdown at Atlanta Tech Village. Until then, practice your pitch!

What do you think about that?

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