We had a really good, long, full session of Pitch Practice yesterday with 13 entrepreneurs in attendance. Really appreciate all the time and energy that everyone put into helping the people who pitched get even better. Several attendees today are pitching in upcoming pitch contests, including PlugATL and 36|86. We wish them the best, and hope they bring home the winnings!

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Here’s who pitched:

  • Qoins.io – round up to the dollar on every debit card transaction, and use the difference to pay off debt. Aimed at millennials with lots of student loan debt.
  • Virtual Kinetics – mobile app that uses video to¬†generate measurements for Physical Therapists (range of motion, etc.) that are 98% as accurate as manual measurements, but take less than 1/10th of the time.
  • VinWiki – Socialization of vehicle history recording to back up or refute sources like Carfax.
  • SynapseMX – mobile software for airlines to replace paper maintenance records and requirements.
  • Parkent Cycles – Electronic bike rack controlled by your phone or MARTA breeze card.
  • Doom Whopper – To thwart home invaders, don’t buy a gun. Buy a Doom Whopper.
  • Event Tent – Know what it’s really like before you go to whatever event or happening you’re going to.
  • Full Chair Digital – project management service for non-technical startup founders to get from HTML to ROI without getting ripped off.
  • Reason To Be Here – coaching & consulting practice for IT teams to focus them on the software solution and not waste money.

And here are the lessons that came up during the session:

  • An emotional appeal is required to get someone to really pay attention to your pitch
  • You must know your audience so you know what to ask for from that specific audience
  • Start with why, meaning the story of “why did you start the business?” Usually, you lived the problem.

Thank you to everyone who attended. We’re just 3 weeks away from our 3 year anniversary, and that’s the date on which we will launch the Pitch Practice Podcast! Join us!

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