w00t! 21 people came to Pitch Practice yesterday, and 2/3 of them were brand new to Pitch Practice. Here’s who pitched.

  • Codewright.net – developers on demand; 120 person dev team to help companies scale up and down for their software dev needs. Great service, deadlines.
  • Assuresign – physical docs requiring signatures are cancer to modern business. Paper is slow, costly, and not cool in a paperless world. Email, mobile, cutting down time and costs. Assuresign is a competitor to Docusign.
  • Parkent Cycles – every 30 seconds a bike is stolen in the US. Electronic bike rack that locks up the bike controlled by a smartphone app. Running Indiegogo campaign at “Hug your bike!”
  • Venture Street LLC – if you earn $250k, you’ll get taxed $100k of that. Mortgage, cars, school leave you nothing. So what do people do who make less than 6 figs? They run RE investments & flips.
  • Belt Tour – location-aware audio tour of the Atlanta Beltline using GPS. As you walk up to something interesting, the app knows you’re there and starts the audio automatically. Urban planners, historians, and artisans personally deliver the audio. Free app with in-app purchase to unlock the full tour after the 1st 15 minutes. More tourists visit the Atlanta Beltline than the World of Coke and the GA Aquarium combined! Jim is a practicing lawyer, and this is his side hustle.
  • Cogeco-Peer1 – AE or “business growht advocate” – 3 problems for enterprise infrastructure: time to market, customized solutions, transition to cloud infrastructure.
  • Speakalytics – Inside sales managers do not have enough time to effectively coach their sales team. Speakalytics is a SaaS tool to empower sales managers to close more sales by analyzing voice patterns on inside sales phone calls. Register for speakalytics beta to start analyzing your own phone calls.
  • DataHound – If you run an online business, you have more data than ever, but most SMBs don’t have the resources to leverage that data, so SMBs waste marketing dollars. Datahound uses GA data to build a reliable, predictable sales funnel for SMBs in a monthly subscription service.
  • Gorilla Media – Companies deploy old biz strategy on digital marketing platforms. Gorilla Media helps small businesses build and execute native digital marketing campaigns.
  • DGM Camp – Good news: no longer have to call IT and developer to build and market any business with a website. Bad news: there are 3780 martech products to choose from. DGM Camp trains up marketing technologists to use and choose from all those martech tools. DGM Camp is April 25-29 at General Assembly.

Thanks again to Atlanta Tech Village for hosting and promoting Pitch Practice.

What do you think about that?

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