Great group of entrepreneurs at Pitch Practice today. Thanks to our sponsors, Atlanta Tech Village and TenRocket. After Jim n Nick’s barbeque, here’s who pitched.

TenRocket – (ceremonial first pitch) MVP mobile/web app in 10 days for $10k, or if you’ve got an idea but aren’t ready to launch a business yet, join the TenRocket Academy to get from idea to app-ready.¬†Go from idea to company in 10 weeks without quitting your day job.


Parkent Cycles – Every 30 seconds a bike is stolen; easier to steal a bike than a cell phone. Parkent makes a 200lb solar powered smartphone controlled bike rack. You pay as you park.


BizGarage – are you working so much in the business that you can’t work on the business? Taking a step back from the minute-to-minute to focus on high-level strategy, what’s working, what’s not working, and what you can do differently.


Herbert Legal Group РFull services business and intellectual property law firm focused on giving the customer full control over the relationship by using flat fee structure. They never charge for phone calls.


Daniel Flores (aka da creative genius) is a multidisciplinary digital artist who crafts and creates digital experiences. What companies do you know who use visuals in their culture? There are very few artists who understand how to incorporate artistic visuals to tell the story of the culture of an organization.


Rekindness – “Swap instead of shop!” Women have tons of clothes in their closets that they never, ever wear. 21 billion tons of textiles go to landfills every year! Rekindness lets women put clothing into the collective and draw out the same value of clothing that they actually like and will wear. Regular and premium membership fees let you get to see new inventory first.


DataHound (from Full Chair Digital) – Google Analytics is powerful, but if you don’t understand the numbers, it’s just data. DataHound helps you grow your online properties confidently.


Printalaxy – printable board games. Wayne Driver is seeking a developer to create the app version of these games.

Thanks to everyone who attended, pitched, learned, and networked. See everyone next week!


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