I’ve been a huge fan of my friends Brett Hagler and Matthew Marshall‘s non-profit startup NewStory since the day Brett shared his vision with me at the Starbucks at Peachtree & Piedmont nearly 3 years ago. I’ve always supported NewStory in whatever way I could, but I’ve never taken part in their non-profit by creating a campaign to build a house at one of their NewStory villages in Haiti or El Salvador. Last week, I met with some of the NewStory team to change that. Yesterday, at Pitch Practice, we announced the Pitch Practice campaign to build a home for the Escobar Campos family in Ahuachapan, El Salvador. Now we’re asking for your help to fund $6,000 to build this family a new home. TL;DR version: donate here.

Who is NewStory?

If you’re not familiar with NewStory, you are about to be. In the summer of 2015 (3 months!), they built 100 homes in earthquake-ravaged Haiti, 5 years after the Red Cross built just two homes after raising half a billion dollars. NewStory builds each home for just $6,000.  They nailed it at YCombinator, and that was just the beginning.

Meet the Escobar Campos Family

Fermín and his fiance, Kindly Jesenya, live in Ahuachapan, El Salvador. Kindly Jesenya works as a housekeeper to help contribute to their $300 monthly household income. The couple has rented a home for the last year. The home has a mud floor and a sheet for a roof. There is no electricity or running water in their home, and they use firewood to cook and stay warm.

Fermín and Kindly dream of having their own home where they can start their family, a home that includes a sturdy roof and floor and a bathroom and a locking door.

How does this home building campaign work?

First, here’s how NewStory builds homes for $6k. Pretty amazing. It’s all done through a simple crowd-funding campaign. We’re share it with everyone we know to raise $6,000 – a little bit at a time – to build Fermín and Kindly their new home. Our goal is to fund this home by the end of 2017, just 3 months! We’ve helped more than 2,000 pitches at Pitch Practice, so that’s like $3 per pitch, right? The picture below is an example of what their “home” looks like today.

You can help change that.

How much can I give towards this home?

Five dollars? Fifty dollars? $500? Yes. Anyone can donate any amount. All donations are 100% tax deductible and 100% of your donation goes to the Escobar Campos family’s new home. NewStory doesn’t take a dime of your donation. When you donate any amount, you’ll get regular updates (but not too many updates) on the progress of our campaign, and a video of Fermín and Kindly moving into their new home when it’s built. Here’s a sample video from another successful NewStory campaign.

What kind of home is it?

A solid house with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, electricity, running water, and locks on the doors. A home where they can start a family and know they are safe and warm at night. Here’s what a NewStory home looks like. All NewStory homes are built by locals for locals with local materials.

Thank you, Pitch Practice Nation!

Pitch Practice was created to help people build a better pitch. Will you help us build Fermín and Kindly a home? Donate and follow along here. If you would prefer to donate via Venmo or Paypal, that’s ok, too! I will immediately make a full donation in your name. Keep in mind that if you donate using the NewStory page, your donation is fully tax deductible. However, sending money to me via PayPal or Venmo to donate is not tax deductible. Easier maybe, but not tax deductible.

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