Pitch Practice July 25, 2014

umpireSmall but very vocal crowd at Pitch Practice July 25, 2014. I think the Bell Street Burritos may have led to a siesta, but the pitches were fantastic!

  • Jackie Chew is launching an online magazine. Think Inc. + Wired Magazine meets GQ.
  • Tom McMurrainCrowdentify: mobile app that auto identifies pepole in the crowd that you would most likely do business with.  “Radar for your business on your phone.”  LInkedIn + Match.com + Uber (location awareness) + BitPay (commerce). Pre-launch, invite only, share with up to 5 people. Refer 5, free for life.  kevin Harrington (“father of the infomercial”).  9.95 – 29.95/month subscription. Cost Per Action advertising model.  Aaron Dirks CEO, Tom McMurrain Founder, Brent Chapman CTO.  Raising $400k: app development, marketing launch.
  • Dan SmigrodWe Get Around: Get the “We Get Around Canon Bundle” for $4995.00, including all the equipment you need and 360-degree photo processing.
  • Chris TurnerFrankEinstein: help students graduate HS with a creative portfolio through corporate & celebrity creative challenges.  Looking for beta users in Jan 2015.
  • Luke Clark – FanForce – marketing teams are unable to track how advocates are interacting with the brand through analytics. Enables them to target fans at a personal level.
  • Chris Amerson – Entertainment Interactive: create entertainment experiences, allowing you to interact with the TV program.
  • Addison Shelton at TaskLab: Turn your phone case into a Swiss Army Knife for solving every day life problems.

Here are some things we learned…

  • If you already have any investors, say so! That means the ball is already rolling. That’s traction from investors.
  • Customer discovery is a requirement for software today.
  • Get so comfortable with your pitch that you don’t sound canned.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Segues between points take time. Shave these places by spending time creating very simple and good transitions between talking points.

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