Pitch Practice June 27, 2014

A regular and well deserved THANK YOU to the wonderful folks at Atlanta Tech Village for allowing us to have Pitch Practice right on the heels of Startup Chowdown each week, and always giving us a shout out during the meal.  It’s great to see curious folks with full bellies wander over to Pitch Practice, ask what it’s all about, and end up pitching, learning, and networking.  Thanks, Atlanta Tech Village.

  1. Dr. Barbara Ann Searle, Chiropractor, used a rhyme! OK, she called it a rap, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  We agreed she needed to slow it down, and add a call to action. Dr. Searle is looking for clients!  During Dr. Searle’s pitch, we learned that what one calls ‘sugar daddy’, another calls  “investor”.
  2. Thad Oviatt from Parkent Cycles delivered his best pitch yet. Parkent Cycles makes secure bicycle parking systems, helping to reduce the $3B/year bike theft number. Chad has a working prototype, and is raising $100k to launch a pilot program. Chad needs investors and IT infrastructure support.
  3. Keith Duncan from Built By Keith made 2 pitches after learning from the first attempt that you cannot possibly pitch 3 completely different products in an elevator pitch. Keith has Team Money Machine – teach teens to be financially independent; camera stabilizer; phone cradle.  Turns out, his phone cradle is patented, fits any phone for any surface, desk, or car (dash or visor).  Keith needs investors and introductions for strategic alliances.  So, if you have multiple products, pick one. You can’t pitch multiple products in 30 seconds. Pick the low hanging fruit, and know your TAM (total addressable market).
  4. Chris Turner (recent Iron Yard Ruby on Rails grad!) of FrankEinstein is enabling kids to have creative portfolios when they graduate.  Needs introductions to branded companies.
  5. Ryan Snodgrass is also a Ruby Developer from TIY, and built his own MVP:  LiQo shows you how to make cocktails with what you already have in your liquor cabinet and fridge.  What do you do with this?!?  Social. Contest. Crowdsource recipes. Share recipes with friends and bars and bartenders instantly. Ryan is open to all options with this product, and seeks product and marketing folks for advice.
  6. Brian White has created Docs Dock to protect docs from using unsecured texting, which is a violation of the HIPAA law. Brian is raising $1M.  HIPAA compliant WhatsApp for Physicians.  70% of docs text today, in clear violation of HIPAA, despite min $50k fine for doing so. Docs Dock solves this massive problem.
  7. Matt Vigilotti of Parlay aims to bring back the time tested economic tool known as bartering. One mans trash is another man’s treasure. Get people in a community free of financial barriers to let them meet and trade items. Seeking $200k to build it. From “parliez”, french for an agreement between 2 people.  Social media community based bartering.
  8. Chris Turner (same one above) is launching 10 Rocket to build MVPs in Ruby in 10 business days or less for $5k.  Needs leads. Huge need in Atlanta, where developers are scarce and expensive, so ideas die before they get to MVP.

Were you planning on coming to Pitch Practice and just couldn’t make it? Make it! But just not this coming week, because it’s Independence Day, and I’ll be on Peachtree Road, sweating profusely, but sharing a first with my daughter as she completes her first Peachtree Road Race!  See you on the hot, humid pavement, and see you Friday, July 11, for the next Pitch Practice!



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