What?!? Our eternal sponsor, Atlanta Tech Village, has named the room “The Pitch Practice Boardroom“! Wow. Thank you ATV, and thank you to 20+ people who attended, pitched, learned, networked, and participated.

  • Our “Ceremonial First Pitch” from our sponsor, TenRocket: there are reliable freelancers out there to build your web/mobile app, but most entrepreneurs don’t know how to find or select a quality freelancer. TenRocket builds web/mobile apps for startups in 10 days for $10k.
  • Saleswise – solves 3 problems for sales leadership: lack of visibility, accountability, “qualitative bullshit” from your sales team. Your CRM is void of information until you do data entry, and only what the salesperson decides to put in. Saleswise sits between the sales leader and the sales team, integrated with CRM and other sales apps, to give the sales leader the qualitative view of the sales funnel. Saleswise is to sales what Google Analytics is to marketing.
  • Gigno – local freelancers are not being found by their target clients. Gigno is a search engine for local freelance talent that provides a lead gen mechanism for freelancers. Freelancers pay a monthly fee to be indexed in the search engine. Like Google search + linkedin + yelp focused solely on freelancers.
  • Parkent Cycles – (Prepping for Clean Tech semi-finals next week) It takes 30 seconds to steal a bike, and it’s a $350M annual problem in the US alone. There’s no risk to steal a bike, even though the crime can be considered grand larceny. Parkent makes an electronic bike rack – steel and very heavy – that stores 2 bikes, is controlled by your smartphone, and runs completely on solar power.
  • Atlanta Tech Village – Jessica, Community Assistant at ATV – There’s a gap for startups between being in your basement and signing a long-term lease. ATV is a month to month lease for startups and they can cancel at any time. Most startups don’t know how long they’ll be around. Also, entrepreneurs are lonely, but not at ATV. The month to month lease and events every day help startups connect & grow.
  • Clubr – There’s a tech gap between nightlife clubs/bars and their patrons. Patrons don’t want to show up at a lame club. With the clubr app, users can see inside clubs from their smartphones. Revenues from clubs and brands advertising to patrons.
  • Music Analytic – owns a record company, has an artist and it’s very difficult to build an engaged audience on social media for recording artists. Music Archangel matches song DNA with individual fans’ personality types to find the best audience for a song, and then target those people on social media.

Thank you again to everyone who attended, our sponsors – TenRocket and The Village – and thanks to all the great folks at The Village for the honor of naming The Pitch Practice Boardroom!

What do you think about that?

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