17 Entrepreneurs attended Pitch Practice yesterday. Thanks to Atlanta Tech Village for filling everyone’s bellies with great food, and to our sponsor TenRocket, who also did a 5-minute pitch in preparation for their presentation at Monday’s Atlanta Startup Village. We had some amazing dialog on the goal of your pitch and how to create and articulate your problem statement. Here’s who pitched today.

  • Zia Khan – 90% of all startups fail and only .01% of B2C mobile app startups become financially viable businesses. Zia Khan is a business designer who solves these problems through his experience in bringing creativity to the business strategy process.
  • TenRocket – build web/mobile apps for startups in 10 days for $10k. Built 19 startups in their first year. They’ve built a network of really experienced, vetted devs and UX designers to build the best apps in 10 days for $10k. Now they’re launching a full scale project dashboard to manage your project start to finish including payment on their website. They record “user stories” for every app design. Usually, there are 25-50 user stories per idea! TenRocket offers a 110% guarantee. Then, in 2016, they’re launching TenRocket Academy to take entrepreneurs from idea to company in 10 weeks, focused on pre-sales.
  • Lisa Fish Creative – intelligent design solutions for companies who don’t know how to graphically represent their brand in the marketplace.
  • Parkent Cycles – it’s easier to steal a bike than an iPhone! Parkent is building a 200lb electronic bike rack controlled by your smartphone to solve the $350M annual bike theft problem.
  • Biz Garage – Most entrepreneurs get too caught up in running the business to take a step back and work on the business. They build better businesses by helping business owners look deeper into their operations for deeper insights.

Thanks again to everyone who attended, especially all the new folks! See you next Friday for the Halloween version of Pitch Practice. Boo!



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