Happy Halloween! We didn’t participate in the Atlanta Tech Village costume contest, but we did have a great pitch practice with a bunch of newbies. Thanks to everyone who participated, and thanks to our sponsors, Atlanta Tech Village and TenRocket.

  • TenRocket – The traditional ceremonial first pitch to show everyone how easy it is. Check out their new website! They’ve built 19 startups in 12 months. Now launching TenRocket academy to go from idea to company in 10 weeks, because most entrepreneurs are not actually ready to launch a web or mobile app.
  • Aces Health – clinical research sponsors employing archaic tech for trial management and data capture, usually paper and 1990s era palm pilots. They make BYOD solution for trail management. All in one off the shelf sw to drastically reduce startup costs. Raising $200k to build and market.
  • Do you trust your financial advisor? Stocks You Love is taking wall street out of investing by implementing the investor group model. They make money on referral fees from discount brokerage services.
  • Parkent Cycles – It’s easier to steal a bike than it is to steal an iPhone, so they built a 200lb green monster to hug your bike and let you control it with your phone.
  • Bizgarage – Are you working in your business so much that you cannot work on your business? Bizgarage helps you take a higher view through coaching and building good habits and accountability.
  • Azul Motor Sports – Team building and client entertainment should go beyond golf and bowling. Azul provides race track rides and advertisements on race cars for that special client, prospect or team building events.
  • Zanglars – An online mall focused on social media, so you can see what your friends and their friends are wearing, shop at any store from your phone, and find the clothes that someone else you like is wearing.

Great session! Guess what? It’s November (almost), so enjoy and be safe on Halloween, and don’t forget to get your extra hour of sleep on Saturday night as you turn your clock back one hour.

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