Pitch Practice Oct 9 2015

Thanks to everyone who attended today. We missed our sponsor, TenRocket! No “ceremonial first pitch.” 🙁

Here’s who pitched today.

  • Music Analytic. Rob owns a record label. They got 23k followers on Twitter for an artist in 3 months, but only sold 350 copies of the song. This problem is the same for every new song from every new artist every year. Music Analytic analyzes a song’s DNA and matches that data to social media personality types, and then targets those individuals who will most likely love each new song. Would you take an online personality profile in order to discover new music that you would love?
  • Parkent Cycles. It’s easier to steal a bike than it is to steal an iPhone. It’s a $350M annual problem in the U.S. Parkent makes an electric bike rack that “hugs your bike”, weighs 200lbs, and is controlled by your iPhone.
  • Viabl. It takes more money to get a new customer than to keep an existing one. If you increase retention 5%, you increase your profits by 95%. Viabl works on top of your CRM, which is reactive in nature, and pushes reminders to your CRM dashboard to make your CRM proactive.
  • Bedpost. Traveling is expensive, especially hotels, but you can’t bargain with a hotel. Doesn’t work, because you can’t get a decision maker and you have no leverage. Bedpost puts your discount offer in front of 3 different hotels’ decision makers, so they can choose to accept your offer or not.

Great session! Thanks to everyone who attended, pitched, learned, and networked! See you next Friday at 1pm!

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