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The tagline for Pitch Practice since 2015 has been “Pitch. Learn. Network.” We always pitch. Most of the time, we learn something new. And every now and then, we do some amazing networking. Today was one of those days when the network-o-meter (What? You don’t have one of those?) was ding, ding, dinging. That’s what happens when you put 20 or so entrepreneurs in a room together for the purpose of pitching and improving their pitches.

Atlanta is not a B2C town, but…

Switchyards was formed to draw consumer driven startups into a community of like minded consumer driven startups. Tavani, Payne, and Co., have been there and done that, and are all about helping Atlanta’s new B2C companies get started and succeed. But what about that B2C startup who hasn’t heard of Switchyards? Well, obviously, we make the intro. Michael, Dave, look for the email, but also check out Academy.FM. If you want to learn how to make music, you should also visit Academy.FM.

It is not often that a bootstrapped B2C startup gets to 7k+ paying customers and over $140k in MRR (not a typo) without anyone in the Atlanta startup community knowing about it. But that’s what this young entrepreneur has done, with $200 in “seed money” and an idea.

To Network is to Help

Many times, people mistake networking for just meeting people as a means to an end. I am very guilty of that mistake more times than I care to remember. But meeting new people is not just a means to an end. If it is, then we’re using people to get things, or success, or sales, or anything else. A huge part of networking is helping people who need your help. Maybe someday you’ll need their help. Maybe not. Doesn’t matter. When you network for the purpose of seeing how many people you can help, you will win.

If you’re reading these words, and you are a photographer, you may already know about @JJCommunity on Instagram. The community founded by Josh Johnson is 600,000 strong, and built on daily “contests” that curate beautiful theme-driven images on Instagram. Today’s theme is “cinematic”, so 2,534 (at last count) people submitted incredibly creative images under the hashtag #jj_forum_2168. I would encourage you to click on that link. BEAUTIFUL IMAGES GALORE!

Every Little Bit Helps

What we do every week at Pitch Practice is help entrepreneurs get a little better. Maybe there’s a big breakthrough every now and then, but most of the time, we’re seeking incremental progress, improvement, and a target to reach next time.

How are you helping the people you meet? Everyone has something to give and everyone needs something. When those two meet, everybody wins.

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