We had a huge crowd of 21 entrepreneurs attend Pitch Practice on Friday! Maybe it was the Bell Street Burritos? Regardless, thanks to everyone who attended, pitched, and participated, and thank you to our sponsors: Atlanta Tech Village and TenRocket.

Some familiar lessons emerged as eight entrepreneurs practiced their pitches:

  • Focus on what’s MOST important. Usually, it’s the problem you’re solving.
  • The only purpose of elevator pitch is get the next meeting.
  • What the startup does is not the problem. That’s the solution.

Here’s the rundown of the pitches.

  1. The “ceremonial first pitch” from our sponsor Ten Rocket: web and mobile apps for startups in 10 days for $10k. Join their community at tenrocket.com/makeitreal
  2. Problem: music fans want more LIVE music. Musical artists want more fans. So, let’s connect the two! Fans and aspiring artists get it for free. The customer is advertisers for events. (Brian’s startup doesn’t yet have a name, as he is working through defining and validating the problem).
  3. Clubhop – There’s a tech gap in night life, specifically how patrons learn about and get to the most popular venues each night. Clubhop will show you who’s at the club (band), what’s going on there, etc. using geolocation, on demand info on “what’s hopping” at each club. Clubs want them to help beef up their weeknights.
  4. Kio – A common question for new startups and businesses is, “Do you know a good local logo designer?” Entrepreneurs are always asking for referrals. Kio is an app in the app store to help you find local logo designers near you. Revenue comes from a referral fee from designers (for now).
  5. ArenaLinq.com – In today’s international soccer market, there are 265M players, and 300,000 clubs. How does a club find players and how to clubs find players? There is no single exchange or marketplace serving this huge international market. The developing world doesn’t have scouts but they do have phones, so arenalinq is the app for them. A good analogy is “Linkedin for international soccer.
  6. Music Analytics – It’s hard for labels to build an engaged fan base for artists. Music Archangel solves this problem.
  7. Viable – CRMs are reactive.  The data just sits in a databaseViable sits on top of your CRM to make data proactive.  Viable sends notifications and reminders that help sales professionals stay on top of their leads, increasing the ROI on your CRM.
  8. Nuvola Vision – Small businesses have a hard time getting to the front page of Google. Nuvola uses video (strategy + creation) to help small businesses hit the front page of Google.

Thank you again to everyone who attended, and especially to our sponsors, Atlanta Tech Village and TenRocket. See you next Friday for more pitching, learning, and networking. Perhaps I won’t have to bail at 2pm to actually get home, and I hope everyone is ok following Friday’s disaster at 285 & 400.

What do you think about that?

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