Pitch Practice Sept 16, 2016

Thank you to everyone who attended last Friday’s Pitch Practice and thanks also to Atlanta Tech Village for the ever-continuing Pitch Practice love.

Here’s a recurring theme at Pitch Practice: every week, whether we get 5, 10, 15, or 20+ people at the meetup, when we ask “OK, who’s pitching today?”, just a few people raise their hands. But by the end of the meetup, almost everyone has practiced a pitch. Once you see how easy it is and how much you can learn, it’s hard not to stand up and give it a go! Thanks to all who pitched!

As usual nowadays, we ran the entire meetup on Facebook LIVE. Here’s a review of who pitched.

  • Solermis – Creating a mix of Solar+Biotech to combat fibromyalgia for more than 8M american women. Raising $250k.
  • Appzoro – Development shop that builds iOS & Android apps for startups. Free consultation.
  • Parkent Cycles – Solar powered, iPhone controlled bike rack hugs your bike with steel arms
  • Emotion Engine – Haptic feedback via an electronic vest and wireless camera to enable Autistic individuals to understand the emotions of people around them through facial & body language recognition, built by two augmented reality, machine learning, & VR technologists at Georgia Tech.
  • Cory – Solutions coach to Fortune 500 IT departments to teach soft skills and prevent IT / Developer burnout that leads to high turnover.
  • NUKG Business Solutions – Management of the data that moves between employers & insurance carriers weekly and during open enrollment. Looking for sales partner.

Lessons learned in this meetup:

  • 30 seconds is an arbitrary time frame for an elevator pitch, but it’s a good bar to judge whether or not you’re getting your point across with brevity and clarity and if your audience might start looking at their watches to get away from you.
  • Why you and why now? What’s your specific reason for being here? This is your story. Share it in your pitch! There’s a reason you chose to solve this problem. Tell that story.
  • Asking for money? Be ready to answer how much, for how much equity, and how will you spend the money.
  • Are you solving a problem, or a symptom of a problem.
  • Who is your target market today? That target should change over the life of your organization as you grow and mature your product offering.

Thank you again to everyone who pitched. We definitely learned and networked. Please join us this coming Friday at ATV and next Monday Sept 26th at 1pm at Techsquare Labs!

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