Today, we launched Pitch Practice at Switchyards Downtown Club. Chris Turner and Justin Richards of TenRocket will lead this new chapter of Pitch Practice every Friday after Switchyards’ weekly potluck lunch while we continue to have Pitch Practice on Fridays at ATV after Startup Chowdown. Yes, you read that correctly: two simultaneous editions of Pitch Practice. Try to contain your excitement.

We had a great start with 17 people – including Switchyards founders Dave Payne & Michael Tavani! Here’s to a great start to a new chapter of Pitch Practice. Here’s who pitched.

  • Bloveit – Remember your first date? What’d you do? It’s very hard and takes a long time to find something awesome to do on that first date. So, Bloveit is curating – city by city – all the best things to do on a date for single millennials. Bloveit is raising their first round of financing, and looking for referrals to early stage investors.
  • Nimble – all organizations have challenges from inefficiencies to product adoption to cultural issues, all of whcih are hard to tackle objectively from the inside. Nimble incites change inside organizations to solve systemic issues. Be nimble. Call Erica.
  • Sparkfire Active – Every teen girl has issues with her self-esteem and body image. Sparkfire is addressing this issue with a line of performance activewear made to fit teen girls, but also with the goal of igniting the spark of strength, confidence, passion for teen girls. Launching next month. Pre-order on 5% of every purchase is donated to their education partner organization.
  • Hubbble – at TenRocket, it takes a long time to onboard clients as a small dev shop, including 1-2 weeks of email ping pong. So they built a SaaS system that shortens the onboarding process to 2 hours. Seeking beta users.
  • Votes & Values – what did you “vote” for yesterday? Nothing, right? If you voted in elections, someone voted your proxy yesterday, right? Did they vote for what you would have voted for? We vote for people or legislation. How do you pick who you want to vote for what? Votes & Values brings transparency and accountability to the legislative process via a push notification, text, or social media. Seeking a co-founder.
  • Affordable College – When someone transfers from a Community College to a University, they lose 13 credits (and the money spent on those classes). Affordable College gets Community Colleges and Universities to work together to minimize the loss of credits for each student in the transfer. The Universities pay them when a student enrolls in the University from a Community College.
  • Synsormed – medical practices have issues getting paid, and are moving to value-based systems. Synsormed makes SaaS for patient compliance for medical practices so the practices can get paid faster. Looking for demos!
  • Revel Realty – Home buyers have to get a realtor to show them every house, but realtors only show houses to people who are really ready to buy. Prospective home buyers are willing to pay a little bit to see a home when they want to, then they become a lead for the listing agent. Uber for home buyers to see a listed home anytime they want to.

Thanks to everyone who attended today, and thank you to Switchyards and TenRocket for organizing this new chapter of Pitch Practice. We’ll be back at Atlanta Tech Village on May 6 (after DGM Camp).

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