4K 3D video from your Phone? Dreamio!

Dreamio Brings 4K 3D Video to Your Phone

The iPhone ushered in an era of nonstop photos from our phones. One of the most iconic images that demonstrates the change in how we look at the world is a photo of Tiger Woods completing his round at The Masters in 1997 set beside a similar photo taken in … Keep reading >>>

SellSay brings on the job sales training

Sales Training or Sales: Can you do both?

If your organization relies heavily on your sales team’s skills, knowledge, and abilities, it is a worthy investment of your time and resources to consistently train up those sales professionals. Sales training keeps sales professionals sharp and at the top of their game, whether they’re learning new tools or techniques. … Keep reading >>>

EYEMail makes your email communications stand out

Problem: Low Marketing Email Engagement Rates

Back in 2014 (seems like just yesterday), Facebook announced that videos that were uploaded natively (as opposed to shared from YouTube) to the social media platform would “autoplay”. Viewers would not have to tap or click a video to get it to start playing. The video would begin playing as … Keep reading >>>

GYOMO offers just in time security awareness training

Problem: Annual corporate phishing training is worthless

Big corporations have big corporation email security policies. Especially in the financial sector, email phishing is big business for hackers. Why? Because it works! Why does it still work, even though email has been around for a quarter century? Because most big corporations require their non-IT employees to attend a … Keep reading >>>