Pitches from Aug 12 Pitch Practice

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In the spirit of startups, we tried something new at Friday’s session of Pitch Practice: Facebook LIVE! I think we had 3 viewers at our peak time. W00t! That wasn’t too surprising since we didn’t tell anyone we were going LIVE, and just stuck my iPhone on a shelf and hit “GO.” You can watch the whole 1:26 show here on the Pitch Practice Facebook page. We also had a bunch of new faces and some really interesting pitches.

  • GoinUp – How do you decide where to go when you’re heading out on the town? GoinUp will show you LIVE feeds of all the best venues, so you can see what’s dead and what’s hoppin!
  • The Naked Hustle Show podcast – We tend to dehumanize exotic dancers, but they are people, too. There’s a story behind why and how each girl made the decision to become an exotic dancer. Hear those stories on the Naked Hustle podcast.
  • VinWiki – Carfax is so unreliable, they’re being sued in a class action lawsuit. Carcheck is a weak attempt to compete with Carfax. Neither of those allow the drivers, owners, and observers of cars contribute their voices to the history of any vehicle. VinWiki crowdsources vehicle history. All posts require a license tag number or a VIN.
  • Parkent Cycles – Where do you park your bike when you ride it out in public? The best lock can be busted in 30 seconds. Parkent’s steel, smartphone-controlled bike rack hugs your bike so it won’t get stolen.
  • OTW! (On The Way!) – Want to make some money in the car sharing economy, but don’t have a car? Now you do. OTW! lets you rent a car short term and make money giving rides and delivering stuff.
  • Panorama Investments – Investing for your retirement fund (IRA, 401k, etc.) is complex and difficult. Panorama has created an algorithm that tells you when to buy and when to sell. They’ve never taken a loss on any stock over 10 years. Raising $300k for 15% equity.
  • Wyman Fitness – fitness is painful or inconvenient for older women. Wyman makes 8 products (for women 45+ who do Yoga) that make exercise comfortable and convenient from $25 and up.

Thank you to everyone who pitched, learned, and networked, and thank you to our most awesome host, Atlanta Tech Village, who always gives us a shout out. We just posted episode 16 of the Pitch Practice podcast. Have you listened yet? Just like the meetup, you never know who’s going to pitch or what you’re going to learn.


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