Pitches & Lessons from the Aug 26 Pitch Practice meetup


Thank you to the 20 people who attended Pitch Practice at Atlanta Tech Village, the 24 people who watched on Facebook LIVE, and those who attended Pitchyards at Switchyards! Here are the pitches from today’s meetup. See below the pitches for a few lessons that came up today.

Today’s Pitches

  • Lightskin – A skin patch (like a nicotine patch) that collects the sun’s energy and passes it into the human body.
  • ModernLaw – The “Kayak of court records” to automatically sync attorneys’ calendars and alert individuals of changes to their dockets.
  • Parkent Cycles – Steel bike rack controlled by your phone.
  • Car360 – Three employees from Egos Ventures (makers of the Cycloramic iPhone app) came to practice their pitches for their newest app called “Car360”, which takes a 360* interactive photo of a car for used car dealers and for automobile insurance inspectors.

Lessons from today

  • The purpose of the 30 second elevator pitch is to get the next meeting, so if you have multiple items to pitch or you solve multiple problems, pick one.
  • Change your pitch to fit your audience. The audience isn’t going to change to fit your pitch.
  • Even if your target audience is literally everyone on earth, that’s not your target audience, because you cannot possibly reach or service or fulfill to everyone on earth at one time. You must pick a beach head, a starting point, a market entry point. Who are you targeting right now?

Thanks again to everyone who attended, in person and virtually, and to Atlanta Tech Village for their amazing hospitality. Until next time, listen to the podcast for in depth analysis of some of these pitches.

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