Pitches & Lessons from the Sept 9 Meetup

Very cool crowd last Friday at Pitch Practice. The first pitch broke the Internet on Facebook LIVE! Temporarily of course, but like I always say, you never know who’s gonna show, who’s gonna pitch, or what they’re gonna pitch. And here’s what they pitched.

  • The Naked Hustle – Most podcasts are boring. Hers is not. It’s the stories of exotic dancers. Subscribe! (both founders practiced this pitch
  • Groundbreak Mobile – Mobile CRM platform for heavy equipment manufacturers that combines customer, inventory, billing, IoT information in one place.
  • Zentek –  iot, data science, mobile development services to 50-100M revenue customers.
  • Shovel – on demand delivery of building tools, supplies, and materials to residential construction sites via shared economy trucks & drivers.

Will you join us this Friday at 1pm at Atlanta Tech Village? Also, check out the latest episode of the Pitch Practice podcast. Finally, if you prefer to hang in midtown, we will be doing a special session of Pitch Practice at Techsquare Labs on Monday, September 26 at 1pm.

What do you think about that?

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