Pitch Practice Jan 30 2015

We’re giving away tickets to the TechCrunch Meetup + Pitch-Off February 24, and we had 20+ people attend this session of Pitch Practice.  We went about things just a little differently today by voting on each pitch to give away the TechCrunch tickets to the best 2 pitches.

  • Brandon DahlCheckTech – independent technicians need compete against big brand home service providers to get repair jobs, so techcheck is uber for plumbers, with tech verification, reviews.
  • Monte CheckTech – lowering teh high cost of skilled labor for consumers by fostering competition between indies and large svs providers, need devs and sw arch
  • Lawrence O’ConnorFull Chair Digital – customer web sites in < week  & digital marketingfor independent salons.
  • Kevin – Bizlation.com – networking events suck for actually meeting people you want to meet, so bizlation.com is like match.com for business networking.
  • Kevin ColemanSparkStart – people with great ideas don’t have the software development skills to build out their ideas. SparkStart will custom build your MVP web app for $10k in 2 weeks or less.
  • Bill HoweVehWare – (prepping for an 8-minute pitch for the NY Innovation Showcase) – the 10M large trucks & buses in the US are involved in 371,000 accidents each year, costing the industry over $90B annually. VehWare is building a “blackbox” for trucks that answers not only what happened but why it happened.
  • Thad OviattParkent Cycles – 100M bicycles are stolen every year in the US at an average cost of $350 each. Parkent is building a secure bicycle parking system to “hug your bike” and keep it safe. 
And the winners of tickets to the TechCrunch Meetup + Pitch-off are…
  1. Thad Oviatt – Parkent Cycles
  2. Lawrence O’Connor – Full Chair Digital
We even had to have a “pitch-off” to determine 2nd place. Contenders all had to be under 30 seconds or their were DQ’d. Both succeeded and Lawrence O’Connor took 2nd place.  Join us next week and give us your best pitch to win tickets to the TechCrunch event.

What do you think about that?