Pitch Practice Friday April 24

We had a great showing today at Pitch Practice, with 17 people in attendance, including 6 first-timers. Here’s who pitched.

  • Synapse Software Systems (Shane Ballman) – Preparing for the TAG Business Launch competition finals on the evening of May 11. Synapse is fixing an $8B annual problem in the airline maintenance space. Synapse was recently featured on the Venture Atlanta blog.
  • KeyNoMore (Sadi Ahmed) – why do we have to have a dozen keys on our keyring?!? How about a chip or phone app? KeyNoMore replaces your keys.
  • A Stronger Workplace (Megan Hill) – we overspend on insurance b/c of sick or unhealthy employees. ASW produce custom workplace wellness programs. Wellness programs
  • Mark Henry Social – (Mark Waturo) – Creates & manages content for your social media platform.
  • Parkent Cycles (Thad Oviatt) – A bike is stolen every 2 minutes, so they’ve created an outdoor electronic bicycle rack (parking structure) controlled by your smartphone.
  • The Abramson Firm (Michael Abramson) – Provides legal services to entrepreneurs & startups from a lawyer who is an MBA and consultant.
  • Quintro (Kevin Coleman) – meeting at networking events is tough; follow up is tougher. Quintro helps you follow up immediately via a mobile app. Freemium model, and now looking for beta testers.

I was reminded today by one of the newcomers that, “every startup needs a lawyer, and every startup needs to learn how to pitch.” Amen belongs here, and I would add that every startup needs to blog, regularly and consistently, to tell their story.

What do you think about that?