Pitch Practice May 8 2015

Joe Norton from Tote delivering his pitch.
Very fun crowd today after Taziki’s. Thanks so much Wahoo Fitness for lunch and the fitness demo! The very first pitch demonstrated why we even do Pitch Practice: so we can pitch, learn, and network.
  • Tote (Joe Norton) Your friend with a truck to move your stuff. Uber moves people. They move everything else. Big messy dirty ugly…they move it. Raising funds to take over Atlanta shortly, then going national. Joe has done 200 trips on his own in 3 months in their “beta” period, but now Tote has drivers around town to move your stuff.
  • Synapse Software Systems (Shane Ballman, competing in the TAG Business Launch competition Monday night) better airline maintenance software to replace the ancient unix green screen garbage that most airlines are using today. 500,000 flights are delayed/cancelled every year because of maintenance issues.
  • Yup, LLC (Robert Crumpton, who came all the way from St. Louis MO!) Angie’s List for High School students to find jobs, but in reverse. UE for teens is over 30% in many cities, but homeowners still need tasks done that HS students can do. Competing for a $50,000 “Arch Grant” in St. Louis.

The funnest part of this session of pitch practice was our 15 minutes of fame, as we got to participate in some of the magic that Friendly Human will bring to video for The Village. Stay tuned for that!

See you next week for another great session of Pitch Practice. You never know who you’ll meet.

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