Pitch Practice May 22 2015

Small crowd today as people booted out early for the Memorial Day weekend. Shout out to the folks at Atlanta Tech Village for honoring those who serve or have served in the military. Well done.

Here’s who pitched today, and, because there were only two, we spent a lot of time digging into their business model and their pitch.

  • Joe Norton from Tote: Uber moves people. Tote moves everything else. Tote is your friend with a truck. Standard rates: $1/min + $1/mile, $35 minimum. They’ve done over 400 deliveries (they call them “trips”) in Atlanta so far. Tote is raising financing to conquer the Atlanta market and then move into other markets.
  • Sheeehan Toufiq – AirLift – personal storage is a hassle, especially in the city, and storage units are a pain. You have to rent a unit by the month, rent a truck, and schlep all your stuff to a sketchy neighborhood. Airlift: order storage bins to your location, catalog all your items, put in bins, and airlift picks it up and stores everything for you. Never go to a storage unit again. AirLift charges $8/bin/month (12 gal bin).

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and please remember to honor all those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

What do you think about that?

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