Pitch Practice May 29 2015

Great fun session of Pitch Practice today after Bell Street Burritos delivered a great Startup Chowdown. We had a wide variety of pitches today, and also reiterated many of the 21 lessons that we have learned from Pitch Practice over the last 2 years. Here’s who pitched.

  • CreatingSuccessfulLiving.org – wellness facilitator, life coach, helps you determine what you need spiritually, mentally, physically to be a more enlightened person. Then points you to practitioners who can provide the services that each individual needs.
  • Capstone Inc – retained exec search firm partner with companies to solve human capital needs; deep understanding of needs, markets, etc., to conduct an original search. The y play in the tech space from 2 person startups to F500, and have been in business 20 years.
  • CWI Ventures – startups after beta phase of development have a hard time gaining traction and mass market appeal, so CWI builds a program to appeal to customers and investors. 
  • Local Marketing Inc. ROI-based local search engine marketing strategies, customized for business needs. Currently focused on the private physicians market, for which they developed a case study, which showed a local physician increasing monthly new patients up 618% with their services.
  • ProClaim – ADR firm that works with 1st party insurance claimants that suffer property damage from natural catastrophes, assisting people by getting more than the insurance provider offers to resolve the claim. Insurance companies are in business to collect premiums, not pay out claims.
  • Digital Crafts – There’s a huge shortage of software developers in the US, which will be 500k unfilled jobs by 2020. Digital Crafts is a code school offering a 16 week immersive full stack web developer program plus career support. First class rolls out mid-September. Currently developing curriculum.
  • BedPost – You can’t just call a hotel and demand a discount. BedPost brings travelers and hotels together by letting travelers make a discounted offer to their favorite hotels, so hotels can rent unsold rooms incrementally to fill empty rooms.

Thank you to everyone who attended today. We’ll be back next week, same bat time, same bat channel!

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