In your solar system of content marketing, your sun is your biggest, most important and influential piece of content. Next are your planets. Your planets revolve around, reflect, and get their energy from your “sun”. In all but one of the seven examples of “sun” content, the planets you create will – or at least can – be blog posts. Here’s how that works.

Content Repurposing

When you publish a white paper, video, interview, infographic, podcast, or presentation, you’re publishing a LOT of content. One of the most effective ways to bring attention to that content is to break it up into smaller pieces and focus on those pieces with individual blog posts. The rule of thumb that I mentioned in the previous post that every slide in a presentation equals a blog post is appropriate here, and the same holds true for chapters or sections of a white paper, data groups in an infographic, topics in a video, etc.

What you’re doing here is repurposing long form content into shorter form blog posts. Remember, a blog post is not War and Peace. Blog posts need to be 300-400 words, which is about 1 page of a Google Doc. You’re not trying to rewrite the white paper, video, or infographic, just going a little deeper on one section of it.

Another Rule of Thumb

I try to get ten blog posts out of any “sun” content. Why ten? Why not! It’s something to strive for, and if you blog once a week, that’s 10 weeks of content. Consider how many of these “sun” types of content your organization may produce in a calendar year. Now multiply that by 10. That’s how many blog posts you already have topics for. Following that example, if you set the goal of producing one 10-minute video per quarter (that’s a long video, BTW), and 10 blog posts from that video, then you have 4 videos and 40 blog posts.

Remember the Goal

The goal here is not blog posts. The goal is leads. The sun content and planet blog posts are a means to an end, not the end themselves. You’re trying to generate leads. Your blog posts should have a crystal clear call to action: “Watch the video”, “Download the Whitepaper”, Listen to the Podcast episode”, or “Download the Infographic”.

Now you’re offering something of value to your reader in exchange for their contact information. Yes, you’re going to get fake leads, addresses, etc., but you can filter those out quickly. The real people who are learning and getting value from your real content will give you real contact information.

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