The podcast is launched. Thank you!

Thank you.

The Pitch Practice podcast is launched. Thank you. It’s one thing to blog, to share your thoughts and ideas in writing. It’s quite another to put your actual voice out there. I could not – would not – have done it without encouragement from you.
You played an integral role in getting the word out to our network, your networks, and startup entrepreneurs everywhere. We really, really appreciate it. There are now six episodes (and counting), dozens of reviews, and some great press about the podcast on Hypepotamus and Atlanta Tech Village.

What’s Next?

Some of you, after writing thoughtful reviews of the podcast on iTunes, even shared the podcast with your social networks. Amazing! Thank you so much! The response has been humbling and overwhelming all at the same time. But this is just the beginning! What’s next?

  • Tuesday & Thursday podcast episodes, featuring one elevator pitch and several lessons learned from the analysis of that pitch. We’re trying to keep each episode to 10-15 minutes for a quick, easy listen.
  • A book. That’s right, a book. “#PracticeYourPitch” will be published this fall. Pre-order it here.
  • The meetup continues every (ok, almost every) Friday at 1PM at Atlanta Tech Village.

Thank you again for your support. None of this happens without you. If you joined our launch team email list, we remember that we promised 3 emails, no more and no less. So, if you choose to stay on board, you’ll get a simple email when we publish a new episode to the podcast, or when we have something exciting to share. Like a book. Yeah, a book! Otherwise, we’ totally understand if you want to unsubscribe.

So, again, thank you for your encouragement, your subscribe-rate-reviews, your sharing to your network, and for making Pitch Practice so much more than just a random, fizzled, one-and-done, flash-in-the-pan meetup.

Thank you.


PS – if by chance you have not yet written a review of the podcast, it would really mean a lot if you could take 3 minutes. Here’s how. Thanks again!

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