Preview: DGM Camp Day 3

Day one, we built our web property, configured all the plugins, and connected to Google Analytics and Mailchimp. On Day 2, we learned how to track all the traffic to and through the web property using Google Analytics. Day 3 is content day! The entire day is going to be spent learning how to create and market with great content.

First, we’ll watch our TED Talk of the day. Then we’ll dive directly into the easiest and least expensive method of content marketing: blogging. One of my standard responses, when someone says it’s not really necessary to blog, is that Google maintains 60+ blogs in 35+ languages. Who owns the internet? Google does. Why does Google blog? That’s how they communicate everything. On top of that, Mark Suster is famous for adding some expletive to his answer when asked, “Should I blog for my startup?” Here’s his answer. It’s a classic. So, we’ll learn how to blog consistently, creatively, and without every having to sit down, stare at a blank screen and say, “Golly gee whiz, I wonder what I’ll blog about today.”

Then my friend and former business partner at CWNP, Scott Alan Turner, will take the lead and teach the class how to create and launch a successful podcast. He just did it last year with his Financial Rock Star podcast on iTunes.

After lunch, David Caron, CEO of DCDAgency, will teach us how to create great video content and drive massive traffic and conversions using video marketing like he did with this great video for Blanqi.

After we’ve learned the best tools for blogging, podcasting, and video, Tami McQueen, Director of Marketing for SalesLoft, will be teaching us how to plan and scale a great content marketing organization. Hint: it all starts with the content calendar.

To round out “content day”, we’ll learn how to distribute our message and our content via Mailchimp email marketing from Joy Ugi, Digital Marketing Manager at restaurant tech startup Orderly.

That’s a full day…full of content. And content is King.

What do you think about that?

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