Preview: DGM Camp Day 4

In the first 3 days of DGM Camp, we’ve created a web property, learned how to track visitors to and through the property, and learned what it takes to create and market with great content. Day 4 is all about driving traffic to your web property using paid advertising, specifically from Adwords, Facebook, and Twitter.

When I first started doing anything in digital marketing, I thought Google Analytics was the ultimate beast. I was wrong. Analytics is easy compared to Google Adwords. Scary, huh? Now, Google has just announced an overhaul of Adwords, since the basic platform for their billion dollar baby is more than 15 years old, and I for one cannot wait to see if they can make it at least somewhat easier.

That said, the same 4 fundamental steps are the same for nearly all digital advertising platforms, and Adwords has only one big exception. Here are those steps:

  1. Goal / objective of the campaign – Facebook, Twitter, et al, start in the same way, “What do you want to achieve with this campaign?”
  2. Budget & timeline – How much do you want to spend, when, and for how long?
  3. Target audience – Who do you want to see your ads?
  4. Creative / content – What image(s), video, text, and Call to Action do you want in the ads?

Adwords is different, and far more complex, due to its one big exception: keywords. We will be starting and learning as beginners, and we will keep our initial keyword list simple. The objective of this campaign (see what I did there?) is confidence on the part of the user – the DGM Camp student – so that they can confidently and correctly set up an Adwords campaign.

David Ahn, social media and inbound specialist at SalesLoft, will then teach us how to hyper-target your audiences in Facebook and Twitter ads.

I believe Thursday, Day 4 of DGM Camp, will be the most eye-opening day of the week. Paid digital ads are incredibly powerful, and with even a small budget, you can drive significant traffic and growth to your organization…if you know how.

What do you think about that?

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