Preview: DGM Camp day 5

Now that we’ve built our web property in WordPress, created marketing landing pages, learned how to create lots of content, learned how to measure everything that comes to and through the site and Google analyticss, learned how to create an Adwords campaign and hyper-target our audiences in Facebook and Twitter ads, on this final day of DGM Camp, we will tackle organic social media, campaign tracking, and measuring our ROI on all of our marketing campaigns.

We started off DGM Camp with the marketing funnel, then we built our marketing technology stack to support our marketing funnel, and now we are going to measure our marketing funnel. Why? Because, as David Edelman says, “the journey wins, not the tech.” In other words, yes, all this MarTech is cool, but the reason it even exists for us to play with is to enhance our customers’ journey to and with our brands.

Yesterday I taught the advanced social media strategies class at General Assembly and was very clearly reminded that organic social media is not random. Social media marketing is part of content marketing, which requires a strategy. We learned how to create great content with blogs, podcasts, video, and email on Wednesday. Today we will learn best practices and tools for creating great social media content and managing our social media channels.

Then after lunch, we will focus again on the math of the marketing funnel, using a simple spreadsheet that will help us understand our internal final metrics so that we can optimize how our leads and contacts to flow through the final and become loyal customers.

During this entire five day marathon, we will be sharing our experiences on Twitter and Instagram (both @dgmcamp).  I hope you will follow along with us and enjoy the ride. Thank you for your support.

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