Product Management Discipline for Startups @ SuperNova South

This coming Friday morning I’ll be speaking at SuperNova South. This entire post is one big shameless plug for both the event and for my coffee-saturated hour on Friday morning. If you haven’t already registered to attend SuperNova South, you can still get that done here after you check out all the speakers and the entire schedule here. Everything is in and around Tech Square. My presentation will be on the 3rd floor of the ATDC building at 75 5th Street, aka the Centergy Building, starting at 9AM.

Thanks to KP Reddy for inviting – ok, requiring – me to deliver this presentation, which will be a compacted version of the content I delivered to the product team at Softwear Automation last fall. It’s called “Product Management Discipline.” What does that mean? In short, it’s product management for startups who don’t really have an experienced, official, six-figure Product Management Professional on the team, unless one of the founders has that title. As David Cummings has pointed out, the Product Manager is one of the hardest roles to fill in a startup.

The hour will be divided up into four major pieces:

  1. Product Management from 100,000 feet
  2. Product Management in the Lean Startup world
  3. Product Management and the business model
  4. Product Management facing the outside world

As the intro to the session says, “many times, the product IS the startup, but at some point the startup must become a business, and the founders must have a vision for their future product, based on actual customer demand.” All this means that, in the early days, the founders are also the product managers. That’s ok, and quite normal in a 2-3 person startup team. The challenge comes in transitioning that product vision to a manager so the founder(s) can focus on acquiring customers and beginning to scale the business.

Hope to see you Friday morning.

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