Life Happens

First Sunday of the new year! The plan was solid: welcome the new musical worship leader at Church, new series from our preacher about fighting the real enemy, and feeling really good after coming off that great hike in the cold rain yesterday.  Then come home, enjoy some football playoffs with the family, have a great nap, and prepare for school to start again for the kids and a brand new week of Atlanta Tech Blogs fun.

But life happens.  And there’s just no predicting it either.  It just happens, and then you gotta deal with it.  That’s where the rub is.  I used to whine and complain and say idiotic things like “it’s not fair.”  Then I grew up.  Here’s a few ways you should react to crap that just happens.

  • Learn from it.
  • Figure out if you caused it.
  • Intentionally react to it.
  • Remember it, so when it happens again…
  • Be thankful that you’re still here to look back at it.
  • Improvise, adapt, and overcome.

That’s what I started to do last night at 1:33AM when the food poisoning hit.  When I finally went to sleep at 5AM, I knew I was not going to be there for Aaron Keyes’ debut as the worship leader at church. I wasn’t going to be able to usher or help serve communion. I wasn’t going to get that sweet nap to close out Christmas vacation.  And that hike is a distant memory.

I had to settle for watching the worship service on my iPhone from bed, falling asleep every few minutes due to sheer exhaustion and dehydration. Thank you God for mobile technology!

You cannot control what happens in life. You can only control how you react to what happens.  Our reactions to life’s various events will determine everything about our lives.

How are you reacting to your circumstances?

What do you think about that?

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