Reader is dead. Long live RSS! Tweetburner?

Yesterday Google announced that it was giving Google Reader the old EOL, and rumor has it that Google will soon put the kibosh on Feedburner as well. So what’s a guy to do when he’s relied on Reader to follow dozens – nay hundreds! – of blogs? What can we do if we’ve used Feedburner to automatically push our various RSS feeds out to our favorite social networks, namely Twitter?

I’m not a coder, so while I’ll call dibbs on this idea, somebody else has to build it. Can’t be that hard.  Here goes:

An RSS to Twitter app

Well, that’s shockingly simple. Doesn’t Twitterfeed already do that? Kinda, but not really. Here’s why.  I use – ok used – Reader to follow blogs and other RSS feeds that helped me research my industry, my competitors, new products, new cool stuff, etc.  How do I follow them now? Microsoft Outlook has a built in RSS reader, but it sucks, and who uses Outlook anyway? Or, who wants to? Not me.

I’ve recently read that Twitter is the new news “headline” source, and that’s pretty true. Twitter is where I get my tidbits and headlines for stuff I like and am following. Where’d you learn about “white smoke” on March 13? Twitter. Where’d you hear that Steve Jobs had passed away? Twitter. Where’d you hear that Google was doinking Reader? Twitter. See where I’m going?

So here’s the idea: instead of “Add to Reader”, I want a simple web & mobile plugin that “Adds to Twitter”, and by that I mean it adds it to MY Twitter Headline account that I follow. Something like “@kevin8r_headlines” that I can follow to get all the stuff I used to get in my Reader, and that I can retweet and share just like I used to when Reader pushed something cool to Feedburner which pushed it to Twitter so I could read and share it.

Is that too crazy?  Tweetburner?  TwitteRSS?

Or am I stupid and ignorant of other solutions and this stuff already exists?  If so, please tell me, but I don’t think we would have seen the weeping and gnashing of teeth that we’ve seen since Google made its announcement yesterday.

If not, somebody pitch this via proxy for me at Startup Weekend Atlanta, because I can’t be there.

What do you think about that?

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