While I was heading into the woods for an annual “Dads & Kids Campout”, Chris Turner, CEO of our sponsor TenRocket, took the helm at Pitch Practice. With 12 people in attendance, here’s who pitched.

Name: Lawrence O’Connor
Company: Full Chair Digital (DataHound product)
Problem: Companies have trouble managing and understanding their own optimization and analytics tactics
Solution: Monitors Google Analytics and gives companies actionable tasks to improve optimization and grow. Focused heavily on generating key insights based on real data.
Ask: If you’re currently tracking analytics, contact Lawrence at fullchairdigital.com/data

Name: Jimmy Smith
Company: Collab Mix
Problem: Communication and project management between artists and musicians is overly complicated.
Solution: Streamlined communication through a web or mobile app
Ask: Building partnerships

Name: Nick Ferram
Company: NewsBar
Problem: Bias in the news is hard to spot
Solution: Quantifying the bias in news articles
Ask: Technical Founder

Name: Pawel
Company: Stocks You Love
Problem: People don’t know how to manage their investments, and wall street brokers come across as untrustworthy and corrupt.
Solution: A network where people can share their stock investments with friends
Ask: Technical CTO or $75,000

Name: Sam Cheryl
Company: Tier 4
Problem: CTO and CIO’s don’t know everything about their business.
Solution: Vet vendors and negotiate deals for free
Ask: Talk to him after the meeting

We’re back again this Friday at 1pm at Atlanta Tech Village. Careful: it’s Friday the 13th! Jason will give the first pitch.

What do you think about that?