Recap of the last Pitch Practice of 2015

David Cummings says often that a startup becomes a business when the entrepreneur is no longer required in the day to day operations. I hope that’s also true for meetups like Pitch Practice. I hope Pitch Practice meets for years long after I’m off in the wild blue yonder. To that end, thanks to TenRocket’s Founder & CEO Chris Turner for taking the reigns last Friday while I led 40 people towards the Google Analytics IQ Certification down at General Assembly.

Here’s a brief recap of the very last Pitch Practice of the year.
  • Name: Corey Leverett
  • Company: Certurian Systems
  • Problem: Retailers have 100% turnover – how do they maintain human capital
  • Solution: Learning curriculum, technology infrastructure, assets
  • Customer: Large Retailers
  • Ask: Speak after
  • Name: Jacqui Chew
  • Company: TedX Peachtree
  • Problem: Every year we start over from scratch
  • Solution: Attend and help plan 2016 event
  • Customer: Fans of TED
  • Ask: Volunteer, attend, or help plan
  • Name: David
  • Company: N/A
  • Problem: Are you tired of having to manage multiple messaging platforms to find relevant content?
  • Solution: Find content relevant to you, where you are.
  • Customer: Everyone
  • Ask: Feedback
  • Name: David Crasny
  • Company: Fetch
  • Problem: It’s difficult to meet people and remember your conversations?  Why are you connected to this person?
  • Solution: Platform to look up and remember conversations with people. Prioritize. A CRM for networking.
  • Customer: Networkers
  • Ask: Developers to build application
  • Name: Don Vito
  • Company: DVP Agency
  • Problem: Most companies wonder how to reach the largest audience with the highest ROI
  • Solution: Measurable way to help brands create visibility and awareness by leveraging networks of a-list celebrities.
  • Customer: Businesses looking for cost efficient way to expand their reach
  • Ask: Business card – invitation
We all wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! We’ll be back on January 8th, ready to start of 2016 with a bang.

What do you think about that?

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