Pitch Practice June 26 2015: Red Velvet Cupcakes!

This is how we do Pitch Practice when a startup graduates from Atlanta Tech Village: red velvet cupcakes.

Lots of newbies at Pitch Practice today. Here’s who pitched.

  • Kevin with Endeavor – nonprofit that scales startups via access to global networks because startups have difficulty scaling. Endeavor is an intermediary and kind of incubator / accelerator. Starts with a foundation in each city and a board investment to fund the organization in the local city.
  • Tyler with Turn Solutions – marketing dollars are wasted because marketers are sending the wrong messages to the wrong people at the wrong times. Turn Solutions aggregates underutilized silos of data to create physical behavior patterns of your target customers so you can target them more accurately.
  • Pawel – Stocks You Love – potential new investors are overwhelmed with the Wall Street approach and need help. SYL is a virtual investment club in which everyone keeps their own money, but shares insights and secrets and tips. Pawel needs a web developer to build this solution, possibly a co-founder or CTO role.
  • Chas Lawrence with MotoService – motorcycles & scooters are fixed via dealers or local indie service companies. MS is building a nationwide brand of trusted brick & mortar motorcycle service centers. Raising a seed round to build a prototype shop to base the nationwide franchise model on.
  • A poem…actually a nursery rhyme in 30 seconds, but we never got his name, company name, or contact info. We do know that he teaches people how to grow their businesses through referrals.
  • Shane with Synapse Software – flights are delayed b/c of maintenance, mainly bc of the software. Synapse is replacing old software, white boards, excel spreadsheets, and other outdated maintenance management software with SaaS, aiming first at the small & medium regional and charter carriers.

The next time we meet for Pitch Practice will be our two-year anniversary. We always learn something new at every session of Pitch Practice. Here are the lessons we’ve learned through listening to more than 500 pitches over those two years.

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