We’re Uber for the XYZ Market

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say, “Don’t ever say that you are ‘Uber for XYZ market’“, but Roadie did just that.  In fact, they embraced the analogy, and their goal is to be just as successful as growth phenomenon Uber.  Roadie is based in Atlanta, and they’ve done much more than just an MVP launch. Their branding looks fantastic, and they’ve got apps for iOS and Android out of the gate.

At Pitch Practice, we encourage entrepreneurs who are having trouble describing what they do to come up with an industry analogy so that audiences will just get it, without the need for a long, wordy explanation.  Last week, we had “LinkedIn for the professional soccer industry.” After the entrepreneur’s first try, the group suggested that he figure out an analogy, to which he replied, “That’s easy. We’re LinkedIn for soccer.” He knew the analogy in his head, but didn’t realize how effective it would be in his elevator pitch.

And it was very effective, turning his elevator pitch into a thing of beauty. However, the Uber analogy has been played and played with the sharing economy going nuts and producing all kinds of ridiculous startups. DogVacay comes to mind. But I think Roadie is right on the money with their analogy to Uber, and the way they’ve implemented their service by recruiting roadies (those who deliver) and pushing the service to “Senders” via mobile app.

Investor Tom Noonan even invoked the analogy in the company’s launch press:

“We have got to get the technology — the matching of packages to routes to drivers — so that it’s as simple as Uber,” said Noonan.

So, go ahead, and say you’re “Uber for this or that”, but when you do, make sure you announce your first raise with 70,000 roadies signed up already and T-shirts to prove it.

What do you think about that?