Problem: Sales Follow-up Emails Overladen with Attachments

Salespeople, how do you make that initial follow up with your prospects? How many times do you follow up, being politely persistent? Prospects, how do you feel about the ever-present “follow up email” with 7 attachments? Marketers, what’s the difference in success between a campaign with a beautiful, on-point landing page and great call to action and a campaign with a link to a busy web page? Maybe you see where I’m going here, or maybe not. So I’ll lay it out based on the facts that I know from discussions after the pitch you see below: sales follow ups suck. Now, here’s the pitch from a recent session of Pitch Practice.

Sales Follow Ups

Most email sales follow ups are loaded down with PDFs, links, videos, etc., etc. In other words, you spoke with your prospect for a good 9 minutes, and then you shotgunned the prospect with everything in your arsenal to make sure they have everything they need from you to make a decision to move them further down your funnel. But you don’t know anything other than they opened the email. You have no idea which attachments they opened, which links they clicked, or what sales tool you sent them had the most impact.

Marketing Landing Pages

When we launch any sort of campaign – email, social, paid ads, etc. – marketers make sure that the first thing the target audience sees when they click on an ad or link is a fantastic landing page. That’s why there are literally dozens of landing page SaaS providers in the marketplace today, and it’s why Mailchimp just jumped into the fray by Mailchimping (yes, it’s a verb) landing pages. The landing page is a clear welcome mat to the prospect, telling them exactly what they need to know and ONLY what they need to know for that step in the sales process. There’s also one and only one very clear call to action (what do you want them to do?) on a landing page. Landing pages are extremely effective and also very easy to incorporate into any marketing campaign.

Landing Pages for Sales Follow Ups

Do you see what ClosingPage did here? Taking a page out of marketing’s playbook and handing it to sales. ClosingPage is ridding sales people of the God-Awful email follow up with 9 attachments and 5 links and no clear path forward. And, it’s so easy even a sales person can do it. 😉


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  1. Hi Kevin, thank you for sharing a great piece on ClosingPage. Loved how you described the problem and our solution in simple terms. Just to add, the role of content has gone up dramatically in sales today. B2B buyers review an average of 10.4 sources in any buying situation; the more costly or complex the sale, the more pieces of content that are viewed. So akin to a landing page which acts as a magnet for leads, our idea was to let sales person have a beautiful ClosingPage where the buyers can be sent on a journey to “closing.” Once again, thanks for the post!

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