September 11

Today, September 11, is split into two parts for me. Part one, since we were there first, is the joyful reminder that on this day 20 years ago, I married the woman who would make me into the man I am today. Those who know me now but did not know me then, you know a very different person. Thanks be to God almighty who chose my wife before the foundations of time were formed. The second part is the knowledge that we are still at war with Islamic Jihadists, who attacked us 12 years ago, and then attacked us again last year. Our inept leader is doing everything in his power to bring zero attention to last year’s attack, which brutally murdered an American Ambassador, but was falsely blamed on a YouTube video no one had ever heard of. So, today, I am proud to be the husband of a wonderful strong southern lady, and I am ashamed of the leadership of this great nation. September 11 is indeed a day I will never forget.

Below is my note from the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, posted 2 years ago, but still very true and applicable today:

We all see and show a lot of pictures, stickers, FB statuses, etc., about ‘remember 9/11’ and ‘Never Forget’.  What most don’t talk about is WHAT we should remember and WHAT we should never forget.  To make that clearer, here’s a list of exactly what to remember when it comes to 9/11.
9/11 is not “nine one one”.  911 is who got called on 9/11. The firefighters who are not allowed at the 9/11 10 year memorial ceremony by the Mayor of New York responded with their lives that day.
9/11 was not a “tragedy”.  It was an act of war no different than the act of war that was the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.  The planes were hijacked by muslims who hate Americans, and want all infidels (those who do not worship their god allah) to die.  The United States was attacked by an enemy on 9/11 in an act of war. If you don’t think we are still at war, you have your head in the sand. Muslims are commanded by their holy book to kill infidels. On 9/11 – and several dates prior to and since – they fulfilled their mission against the United States.
Our military –  individual men and women who voluntarily put their lives in between you and the muslims who want you dead – captured Saddam Hussein and killed Osama Bin Laden.  Remember to thank a soldier for voluntarily serving the next time you see a soldier.  Many of them volunteered because of the attacks on 9/11.
9/11 brought out the best and the worst of America.  The best were embodied in the Firemen who were running into the twin towers and the Military personnel (current and former) running into the Pentagon when everyone else was running out. The best was embodied in the brave souls who dared to violate idiotic do-nothing hijacking procedures from the 1970s and fight back on Flight 93.  We will never know what they gave their lives to prevent.  It could have been the White House or the capital. We’ll never know.  Perhaps everyone who was serving in Congress ten years ago would do well to personally recognize everyone on that plane – except the terrorist muslims – for saving their lives that day.
The worst of America has been brought out since 9/11 in the form of an inept federal bureaucracy.  The attacks occured because the federal government did not secure our borders, allowing these terrorists into our country illegally to attend flight school as normal US citizens and then use the very training provided to them to attack us.  The federal government failed to detect and prevent these attacks.  The memorial in the field in Pennsylvania is still not complete a decade later because the politically correct nazis have to make sure it doesn’t offend anyone.  Did it offend anyone when the terrorist muslims screamed “allah akbar!” as they flew the airplanes into the Twin Towers or the Pentagon?  The Empire State Building was erected in 18 months during the depression.   There is still a hole in the ground at Ground Zero a decade later.  That’s worth repeating.  A DECADE. Ten years. Why? Why are we 5 times less efficient today than we were 80 years ago?  Inept government bureaucracies have put so much regulatory interference in the faces of the American public that we are now less efficient at erecting what is arguably the biggest memorial of our generation.
So this Sunday, 9/11/2011, remember 9/11, but remember that we have an enemy who attacked us in a brutal act of war and killed nearly 3,000 Americans. Remember that every aspect of Federal government – CIA, NSA, FAA, etc. – FAILED on that day. The only functioning part of any government was the LOCAL government on the ground in the form of police and firefighters who ran into burning buildings to save lives.  Remember that the Mayor of NY is not allowing NYFD to participate in the 9/11 Memorial Event.  Remember that it’s been a decade, and we have not yet rebuilt the buildings that the muslim terrorists brought down in their act of war.

Remember. Don’t ever forget.

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