Has your dog ever escaped and run away like he stole something? There are an estimated 80 million dogs in the US and 4 million are lost each year. In fact, almost 1/3 of dogs get lost at some point in their lifetime. All of us dog lovers have been through that angst when our best friend runs away. Until we get our drooly buddy back all happy, the world isn’t right.

Solar Powered GPS Dog Collar

Sniffer GPS is a dog collar with a GPS unit and a light, powered by a small solar panel on the collar. The current version of the collar is a little too big for small dogs or cats, so their target market is dogs 30lbs and up. Owners get an alert when their dog leaves the yard, and then the light on the dog’s collar comes on to make the pooch easier to find. Finally, the solar panel on the collar makes sure the light and GPS always have power.

Crowdfunding or Sales & Marketing?

One of the early decisions for many founders is whether to build and sell or raise money. In this case, Reed is considering conducting a kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000 to use to go to market with Sniffer GPS. In the Pitch Practice session when Reed pitched, the audience asked, “How much will the kickstarter campaign cost?” His answer? “$50,000.” This is one of those cases when the best option is to make some product, put it out on a website, and sell it online. As Guy Kawasaki said, “That’s why God invented ecommerce!” We had an interesting discussion about the pros and cons of crowdfunding versus just going to market with a simple landing page and ecommerce. What do you think: does SnifferGPS need to do a kickstarter campaign, or just go to market? [smart_track_player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/pitchpractice/E22_SnifferGPS.mp3″ social_linkedin=”true” ] Want to see more? Subscribe to the Pitch Practice Youtube Channel or the Pitch Practice Podcast on iTunes.

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