This morning I was leading the class called Social Media ROI at General Assembly. A big part of the class is connecting the dots from your social media outreach down through your website and then into your CRM.There are several pieces of this puzzle that must be in place in order for any organization to accurately track a marketing campaign. The sum of all these tools just happens to mirror the marketing funnel.

  • Social media likes and followers – for purposes of this class, we looked at only social media paid and organic content and reach
  • Advertising in social media or Adwords – Facebook and other social platforms have incredible targeting because they know everything about us.
  • UTM parameters in each link for each campaign – this is where it all starts. If you’re not using UTM parameters in your campaign links, you won’t be able to accurately track campaign traffic.
  • Google analytics or other web property analytics tool – even though it’s a free tool, Google Analytics is a beast, and there’s not much you can’t track, yet far too many organizations don’t have analytics implemented.
  • CRM like salesforce or HubSpot – where do you store your customer’s information, contact history, lead source, and purchase history?

If anyone of these tools isn’t in place and/or if the systems are not properly connected, then the system breaks down and the organization is not able to accurately track prospects and customers as they move from seeing an ad on social media to exchanging an email address for some content to making a purchase to coming back and purchasing again.

These pieces are the skeleton of what we call the marketing technology stack or Martech stack. These are the types of tools that we are going to be learning by building in DGM Camp in April. The people who understand how to implement and utilize all of the pieces of a Martech stack have huge value in any marketing organization.

Last year, Terminus software identified all of the pieces of their Martech stack. I’ve identified a few of the skeleton pieces in the description above. What’s in your Martech a stack and who implements it? Do you employ a marketing technologist or technical marketer?

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