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Solving Problems is the Heart of Startups

This clip from Apollo 13 exemplifies what I believe is the absolute most fun about startups: solving problems. Software or services…or baklava. Whatever you’re starting, you’re starting it to solve someone’s problem, even if the problem is not having the best dessert at your fingertips.

What I love … Keep reading >>>

Southern Baklava Startups

What You Learn from Actually Doing the Thing You’re Creating

There simply is no substitute for doing. If you’re building software that automates some process, do that process manually first. If you’re building a machine that does a task, you must do that task first. Manually. If you are creating, packaging, and shipping a product over and over and over, … Keep reading >>>

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A Sample Startup E-Commerce Marketing Technology Stack

Building a website, an online business, an e-commerce store isn’t what it used to be. I was reminiscing with a friend and former business partner the other day about Southern Baklava versus the business that we built back in 2003. Back in the day, we built and ran an e-commerce … Keep reading >>>

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Looking for a different kind of “beta tester” (and there’s free food)

I hinted around one of my latest projects in the previous post, and now it’s time to reveal the project. This post is the beginning of our beta test of Southern Baklava, a specialty baked goods e-commerce business.

I mentioned Georgia’s Cottage Food program that allows home-based bakeries … Keep reading >>>