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6 steps to start your WordPress blog from scratch

I’ve just completed a series of posts that will help you start your WordPress blog by walking you through the entire process of buying, setting up, configuring, and launching your very own WordPress blog…

  1. from scratch, zero, nothing, nada, zilch,
  2. for under $25, with a new domain & hosting plan,
  3. in less than a day, maybe even half a day, and
  4. by yourself! No coding whatsoever.

This series grew out of the Saturday workshop that I delivered at General Assembly last month called, “Blogging Bootcamp.” In that class, we had 7 students, each of whom started the day without a blog and ended the day with a blog.

In the following posts, I’ll address the following topics & tasks that you’ll need to address on your way to publishing a great blog:

  1. Domain, Host, and Setup
  2. Installing WordPress Plugins
  3. Configuring Wordpress Plugins
  4. Configuring WordPress Settings
  5. Writing Your First Blog Post
  6. Publishing Your First Blog Post

This series is meant to get your blog up and running quickly, properly, and easily, so you can then focus on writing, which is actually harder than setting up everything, but you’ll get great at that, too. Like everything else in life, blogging just takes practice, by which I mean writing more blog posts on your blog. Click here to go to Step 1: Domain, Host, and Setup.

Coming up next is a bonus post on how to grow your blog readership via email and social media. Stay tuned, and keep on blogging!

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