StartupBP starts Friday July 12 at 1pm at ATV

What a great lineup tonight at Atlanta Startup Village!  I love this event, and not just because of the free beer, but because we get to see and hear Atlanta startups tell their story in a non-pressurized, very low key manner.

And, since May when @jonnybird changed things up a little, we get to hear five 30-second pitches as well. What a great way to get your message out to the thriving Atlanta startup community.

On that note, I was very pleased to give the 30-second pitch for the newest Atlanta Startup community group, StartupBP!  Here’s the pitch I gave tonight, more or less:

I’m Kevin Sandlin, and I’m happy to introduce a new community group called StartupBP.  Raise your hand if you work at a startup. OK, great. How often do you practice your 30-second pitch?  You should practice your pitch as often as baseball players take BP.  Starting Friday July 12, you can practice your pitch in front of real actual people.  We’ll will meet every Friday right after Startup Chowdown here at ATV in conference room 200-1.  Follow us on twitter @startupbp.

I doubt it was that smooth, but there you have it.  Follow StartupBP on Twitter and join us every Friday at 1pm at ATV, right after Startup Chowdown.  Give your pitch, hear other pitches, ask questions, and network with other Atlanta startups in a peer environment.

The goal is to PERFECT your pitch, so you can knock it out of the park when you get the opportunity.

What do you think about that?

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