I was invited by the folks at Atlanta Tech Village to meet in a roundtable discussion with a delegation from the tech startup community from Estonia. You read that right, Estonia! Just so you get your bearings, see the map below for where Estonia is located.

Now that you know where you are, here are a bunch of cool facts about this “compact” (their word) nation of 1.5 million people in eastern Europe.

  • is energy independent, completely wired with fiber, easy access to all of Europe, flat income tax, and no Corp income tax.
  • Anyone in the world can be an e-citizen of in order to do business in
  • has a nationwide charging network all powered by their oil shale industry.
  • has a new : for sending money abroad
  • has more per capita on than  – the speaker joked about this, as well as noting that Estonia has more supermodels per capita than anywhere else in the world. When you count things “per capita” on a national scale from a nation with just 1.5 million people, things look pretty good pretty fast.
  • had been doing e-voting for 5 years now via an electronic ID card plus two factor authentication and
  • was the birthplace of
  • Learning about – 20% flat income tax for individuals & NO corporate income tax when profits are reinvested.

This last one got some attention, as it should in our reality TV election season. That’s what it looks like when a nation makes the decision to be business friendly, inviting and attracting businesses to start, grow, and stay in their nation.

What do you think about that?

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