StartupBP is now Pitch Practice

Did you attend Atlanta Startup Village last night? If you did, and you imbibed in some of the Monday Night Brewery Eye Patch Ale, that was me serving from the keg.  Yes, we had a little CO2 issue, but Kaitlyn Klimbach quickly put a remedy to that.  And a big thanks for Jon Birdsong for giving us a shout out in between the startup presentations.

So as I’m serving the beer, introducing myself to everyone who needs a cold one, I’m wearing my “StartupBP” t-shirt.  Many people ask what it is, and many more ask “What does BP stand for? Business Plan? Business Pitch?” Um, no. It’s “batting practice.”  Then I find myself explaining the metaphor or pitching over and over to batters taking “BP”, and…well, if you have to explain it that many times…

So I’ve come to realize that “StartupBP” is not the best name for this organization / meetup.  So, as of right now, StartupBP is now Pitch Practice.  We will still meet every Friday just after Startup Chowdown at Atlanta Tech Village in conference room 200-1.  You can follow us on Twitter @pitch_practice, RSVP on Meetup, and follow the blog at

Thanks for all your input, questions, comments, and most of all, encouragement. That’s why I started Pitch Practice: to encourage new startup entrepreneurs to practice, get better, and nail their pitch every time they have the opportunity to give it.  Maybe that next opportunity will be in front of 300+ people at Atlanta Startup Village. You never know.

What do you think about that?

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