StartupBP starts tomorrow July 12, 2013: what do you need to know?

StartupBP, the weekly meetup for startup entrepreneurs to practice their pitch with real, live bodies in the room, starts tomorrow.  Here’s what you need to know.

  • What: StartupBP, a weekly meetup for entrepreneurs to practice their 30-second and 3 minute pitch
  • When: every Friday, right after #StartupChowdown at Atlanta Tech Village
  • Where: ATV conference room 200-1. It’s the fishbowl just inside the main 2nd floor doors. We’ll put up signs.
  • Bring: your pitch, memorized. Notes if you need them.
  • Do not bring: your ego. Everyone’s pitch always needs improvement. Be open to honest, helpful critique.
  • Why: You never know when you’ll meet the right customer, partner, or investor, so everyone needs to be able to nail their pitch at a moment’s notice. 
We’ll be capturing every pitch on video. If you don’t want your video pitch on the StartupBP blog, you can opt out. We don’t mind. You never know who might see your pitch.
So get your chow at StartupChowdown, then head down to the 2nd floor to give your pitch. When you tweet, mention @startupBP and use hashtag #practiceyourpitch.
See you tomorrow!

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